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Repeating a hectic routine

The Plus 2 stage is a very critical phase in every student’s life. Apart from learning the mandatory board syllabus, students have to hone their skills for the competitive exams as well, which opens the doors to top engineering and medical colleges.

Everyday a grueling and punishing schedule follows. The alarm clock rings at 6 in the morning and by 7:30 am. the student is off to school. After a strenuous day at school, the students returns home at 2:30 pm. for a hurried lunch and quickly completes the assignments given at the coaching classes. No sooner this gets completed, the student rushes off for coaching classes at 5:00 pm., only to return at 8:00 pm. Thereafter sits with the school homework, eats dinner at the study-table, and at about 11:00 pm., exhausted and fatigued, falls asleep — only to repeat the same routine the next day.

  1. At DPS Ruby Park we plan to introduce expert coaching for Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations
  2. The coaching class will be within the school premises after regular school hours. This will save the students from unnecessary travel fatigue and time wastage.
  3. The syllabus of the coaching classes and the syllabus of the school classes will be in sync with each other. This will reduce the stress on the students.
  4. The school canteen will serve hygienic and nutritious food.
  5. After coaching classes are over, the school bus will ferry every student home
  6. This setup will also help in evaluation of the holistic progress of the student
  7. This expert coaching will not be mandatory. But students may avail of this excellent opportunity if they wish to do so.

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