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High School


An innovative, child- friendly method of teaching is followed with special attention on individual potential.


We at DPS have already tried to instill values like honesty, friendship, love for others, unity, sharing, tolerance, through various activities conducted in school.

School Timings

School timing for both Junior School and High School is given here


Giving fuel to the inquisitive mind of a student, the newly introduced Hobby Class opens up the mind to a wide variety of themes.


For over 11 years now the new DPS Ruby Park High School Complex has successfully bred a new generation of bright minds. Under the grand Victorian architecture are 7 floors with wide corridors and lifts leading up to clean spacious classrooms. Planned to perfection the complex has designated areas where the students have the advantage of a vast range of facilities. Be it education, sports or creativity, every inch of this sprawling complex motivates the children to reach the greatest of heights.

Giving the digital edge to learning at DPS Ruby Park is the path-breaking Educomp Smart Class. Here each classroom has the benefit of display systems connected to a dedicated computer for each teacher. Giving appropriate information to every classroom is a Knowledge Center within the school, which houses the ultimate in digital resources. To advance computer education further, a collaboration with NIIT provides the latest Computer Based Tutorials and gives the much required knowledge edge when it comes to scientific learning.

High School
254 Shanti Pally, RB Connector
Kolkata 700107
Phone : +91 98313 22288 / 99, 033 2441 8200
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