Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why did Delhi Public School Ruby Park, Kolkata get associated with M/s NIIT Ltd. for computer education?

Ans. NIIT has been pioneer in IT and IT enabled education. Therefore the curriculum provided or the Programme called, NIIT @ SCHOOL will help to make the computer learning more structured. Also they provide a platform to th children to keep abreast with the fast changing knowledge of IT.

Q2. How is the inception of NIIT @SCHOOL Programme beneficial for the students of Delhi Public School Ruby Park, Kolkata?

Ans. M/s NIIT Limited has devised a unique 4A methodology for effective for effective implementation of IT. The 4A stands for Acquire, Augment, Assemble and Apply.

  1. In Acquire Stage, the teacher as a facilitator introduces the concept.
  2. In Augment Stage the students are exposed to self paced learning through computer Based Tutorials (CBT)
  3. In Assemble stage, the stage students have to complete the work being provided through the exercises.
  4. In Apply Stage the students work on the computers to do machine room exercises.
    With this unique methodology, the IT skills of the students are honed methodically.

Q3. What is Computer Based Tutorial (CBT)?

Ans. Computer Based Tutorial (CBT) is a technique, which exposes students to self — paced learning, that is, learning a concept by animation and voice implementation. Hence, making it a child friendly method after every theory input. Snapshot of the CBT is attached below, though it is not a working module.


Q4. Why are the computer books same for classes 3-5/ classes6-8?

Ans. Since the NIIT program is introduced to the School first time in the academic year 2007-08; to bring all students at a minimum required level, all students in classes III-V / VI-VIII are provided with the similar computer books. To understand the complete computer curriculum, refer to deployment plan

Q5. What is the Computer Curriculum offered by M/s NIIT Limited?

Ans. When a school adopts NIIT@SCHOOL Programme, there is a specific deployment plan of the IT syllabus devised for various classes, that is divided into 5 groups from classes 1-12

  1. Group A – Class 1 and class 2
  2. Group B – Class 3, Class 4,class 5
  3. Group C – Class 6, Class 7, Class 8
  4. Group D – Class 9, Class 10
  5. Group E – Class 11, Class 12.

A step-by-step approach is adopted to take the various IT modules to each class across 3 years. Therefore, classes should be viewed as groups for computer learning. Underneath is the explanation of deployment table for each group.

Q6. Is the learning of computer theory vital for my child?

Ans. It is rightly said, Technology is learnt better through Technology itself, but knowing the concepts is also very necessary for students to work with technology. The Programme is so designed that the rote learning gets abandoned with Activity based learning, which is called CBT. (Please refer to Question 3). CBT helps a child to learn the concepts in a play way technique. Therefore the child is not forced to cram the concepts in textual language.

Q7. What is the assessment plan for my child?

Ans. Class 1 And Class 2 would not undergo any regular assessment schedule as they are exposed to the concepts of Fun-sheets and activities.
Class 3 onwards would undergo Cumulative Periodic Assessments. Please refer to Examination Schedule Third Term (2007-08)

Q8. If I have to clarify some aspects of the programme, whom and how do I contact school Coordinator and NIIT Coordinator?

Ans. To clarify any doubts, please post your queries to the mailing address Your queries will be attended to with in a week. For any further unresolved issues, you can also mail your queries to Santosh Kumar Saha, Senior Consultant — Education Delivery, NIIT Limited and post the queries at

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